About me

A day spent in the sunshine, walking, soaking up the beautiful scenery… Perfect!

What can I tell you about me… I’m pushing 40 🤭 I live with my partner and our son in a crystal filled house that generally either smells of beautiful essential oils, yummy home baking or spicy/herby dinners. I love to be near the water so when the sun shows its face you will usually find me at the beach or by some beautiful loch.

Winter sun at Dalmally.

In my early 20’s I lived in Scotland but worked in various places in England during the week. This is when my interest in Aromatherapy and Meditation really started to grow and by 2008 I had enrolled in evening courses in both subjects.

(At this point I was working and living in London. My qualification as a Rehabilitation Worker for the Visually Impaired led me to work on an inner city Travel Training Project with disabled teenagers. Funnily, it wasn’t until I moved to the most polluted city in the UK that I really started to consider my health and wellbeing. I think I thought that growing up in the countryside just automatically made me healthy!)

I love to make things and find new ways to let my creative side loose so aromatherapy really tied in nicely with this. Figuring out how to blend creams and make bath bombs was so much fun but I wanted to learn more.

As fate would have it, family circumstances meant that I would move home in 2010 and after struggling to find permanent employment for a year or so, I decided to retrain as a therapist.

Complementary therapies turned out to be a hobby that changed my life, although the path was not a smooth one. At the end of year 1 I fell pregnant and then in 2014 I lost my mother. So from starting year 1 to completing my HND in year 3 took 6 years but I got there in the end.

Stress Management modules and a weekend spent with the Mindfulness Association at Samye Ling really helped me to overcome some of the grief and anxiety that I had experienced. I am so thankful to have found Mindfulness and love sharing these skills with others.

I still love to make skincare products but running a therapy business doesn’t always allow me the time. I became a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor in 2018 because the more I learned about the company I realised they were saying the same things that I had been saying to friends and family, trying to make people think about the hazardous chemicals lurking in those green washed products. Learning about the Natrue certification (on all Weleda products) was just the icing on the organic cake for me. So if you are looking for more info on cleaner beauty or natural products then I am always happy to chat about these topics.

Sam and I at the beach 💜

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