Self-care & Wellness


Whether you feel happy or anxious it appears that our roadmap out of lockdown (and all of the restrictions) is finally underway. I can’t speak for everyone but for me there have been mixed emotions. I’ve missed my friends and family so much, I’ve missed my old life and the routine of it all… but I’m really not sure if I’m ready to get back to it all. Life has been a little more peaceful this past year and at times I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt how to look after myself consistently, speak to myself more kindly and just take more pleasure in the little things.

So before life gets busy again I feel it’s important to take stock of our values, to be really clear on what is important to us moving forward and put our own health and wellness to the forefront.

Let’s keep it simple

Together, with a group of like-minded individuals we will break down the 5 elements of Wellness:

-Our Values





Week by week we will look at our current beliefs and attitudes around each topic and ways that we might filter them into our lives, consistently and with ease.

Why not try something different?

To assist you through each week you will receive a goody bag that will include:

-A Wellness Journal, that will allow you to work through the programme materials and allow space for reflection of your personal journey and daily gratitude, worth £10.

-Weleda products to encourage sleep and relaxation worth around £46.

– Samples of a Superfood supplement that contains your daily dose of dense nutrition worth around £7.

– Access to thousands of workouts and nutrition advice (free for 1 week).

We will connect via online platforms such as Zoom and WhatsApp, with videos and handouts being placed in the group members area, to enable you to access them at a time that suits you. Each participant will begin with a 1:1 Values session, that will allow us to get to know each other a little more and set some realistic goals for the coming weeks.

Supporting each other to stay active (in whichever way feels right to you) but also to carve out some regular, quality “me time”. Finding a good balance of work, rest and play.

Join the group

If you would like to be a part of this 5 week programme then please drop me an email via the Contacts section of this website or head over to Instagram and drop me a Direct Message there.

The group will run from the 28th of June until the 30th of July.